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BMS About Us


            Bangkok Medical Software Co.,Ltd (BMS)  provide software for  manage hospital. Our product include implement , maintenance , re-visit , training and consultation.

             Bangkok Medical software Co.,Ltd has proved its quality of service and software by real user from all around Thailand. We have many expertwork manship to help you about software problem. Our trained technicians with their experienced knowledge are always prompt to travel to your job site even so far from central of Thailand. Whenever you got trouble, we are always on your side anyway you can dial to our call center we have expert persons who will answer your question for clear and willing. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time. We do for maximum customer satisfaction.


            What product do we offer?

            BMS is provide a quality software for manage hospital and full products support in its field at valued price. We especially specialize in software for hospital in various software to manage hospital , such as :

                        BMS HOSxP                                          BMS NCD Registry

                        BMS HOSxP PCU                                   BMS Referral Center

                        BMS Inventory                                      BMS EPIDEM Center

                        BMS Data Center


             Furthermore , BMS has focus on maximize value of hospital that will get from our software. At this point BMS’s intensive technical training programs implemented to improve our technical teams.


               What are we from?

              In 2005 , BMS was formed in Bangkok by MR.Chaiyaporn Suratemekul who expert of management hospital software and also take a position of Managing director with 10,000,000 Thai bath of authorize capital. He had found a problem about management hospital software when he was a pharmacist and continued to develop for quality of management hospital software until today we have got the quality software for hospital under brand BMS-HOSxP. Anyway we will not stop developing  for the purpose of modern , world class standard and responsibility.

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