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Report System

  • The system monitors on group of people who have risk on contacting of disease.
  • The system report to epidem center immediately when there is a record on disease occurrence in the HOSxP and HOSxP PCU online program.
  • The system makes online confirmation of disease to the epidem center through intra web.
  • System searches for area with infectious disease by GIS in order to investigate and limit disease area.
  • System makes real time report on the disease through intra web from the center.


  • Reduce redundant of data recording and report on diseases in epidem center.
  • Allow constant monitoring and immediate investigation.
  • Center makes real time monitoring of disease.
  • Ability to control spread of diseases in the infectious area effectively. 


  • Ability to specify disease’s group that wants to be monitored.
  • When there is a record on treatment in HOSxP or HOSxP PCU into the report 506, Ability to set diagnosis code that match to the code in particular disease group.
  • Ability to send data online to data center.
  • Confirmation system as district confirmation and province confirmation, and as well as report through intra web.
  • Warning when there is a repetition of data between care providers.
  • System support editing in report 506 ( report 507)
  • Ability to send data online to ‘Epidemiology Online’ in the data center.
  • Ability to export data from report screen in the intra web into R506 program.
  • Ability to export data in refer out case through intra web.
  • Ability to record data for refer in through intra web.
  • Ability to set disease spreading location with spot map.
  • Ability to manage and adjust report to fit the requirement accordingly.


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