BMS Extreme performance hospital information system


   HOSxP is a program developed for using in clinics, health centers and hospitals to collect patients’ data and help medical personnel provide qualified service.

   It is a Hospital Information System generated in B.E. 2542 and able to connect infrastructures and networks of Provincial Public Health, hospitals and health centers. It aims to shift the quality of life for Thai people and society.

   Nowadays, the HOSxP is applied to over 500 hospitals nationwide, both government and private hospitals.




  HOSxP is support the following system



   It is designed to operate by using standard SQL commands.

   Photo system is provided to keep patients’ photos and fingerprints to identify the patients correctly. Additional, patient call system can work automatically (sorted by queue order).

   Medical pictures are shown by applying a photo display system, DICOM.

   Support wound drawing and other types on computer screen which helps reduce paper use.

   Display the patients’ medical history through EMR (Electronic Medication Record ) which the physicians can access to the data .

   The system can export the data into several types such as Excel, dbase, XML and HTML by using SQL commands for data access.

   Provide internal replication system to support real time and offline asynchronous replication.

   User can edit or create new report by the administrator.

   Calculate DRGs value in the stage of diagnosis summary.

   Support for LIS system connection.

   Support for Thai traditional medicine record.

   Support for data collection as Universal Form Entry (UE Form).

   Provide effective system to check patient’s right to receive care and medical treatment through NHSO website and HIPDATA.

   The system can generate export data into different types including 12 DRGs files, 18 files or 21 files, text file or Excel files to transfer to Central Office for Healthcare Information, SSN_Data, Social Security Office and Institute of Thai traditional medicine.

   Safety control system is included by using User ID and Password. Moreover, access right of each user can be specified to limit the data access.

   Hot Back Up System is available without stopping the process by using auto and manual system. Then the data backup on the last date can be restored.

   Support for data transformation from present to new system.