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MySQL Cluster

MySQL Cluster

MySQL Galera Cluster is a system that manage MySQL database to work at the same time. Every machine in the same cluster will contain the same data. Application that works with database can choose any of MySQL to work with.   

A main problem that hospital could face is when database apparently stop working with any reason. This becomes a big problem especially to a big hospital. To prevent this, BMS has been studied and developed a solution that is very suitable for setting database system, we called that ‘Galera Cluster’. It allows database to work on high availability with least complexity, and as well as maintaining work efficiently.

With this Galera Cluster, we require at least 3 servers, and configuration on each of them must be consistent with one another. In order to switch work from one to another, we need to turn on automatic cluster failover system in the HOSxP program. When one of the servers has problem, HOSxP will automatically switch to another one. With the first time login, HOSxP will connect to the server that has the least workload.


List of benefits received from setting MySQL Cluster with BMS

  • BMS cluster setup program that allows a setting up of MySQL Cluster within 3 times of clicking.
  • BMS cluster control program helps monitoring cluster system.
  • Warranty and upgrade of MySQL for 1 year. Staff available to site area when there is a problem.
  • Received HOSxP cluster access license for accessing to cluster system in HOSxP.

*** If there is other program other than HOSxP that wants to connect to Galera Cluster, we need to test them before implementation because some statement might not be able to work such as lock tables. We also need to edit the application that can support retry statement when the statement timeout occur.  

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