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MySQL Admin Tools

BMS MySQL admin tools

     BMS MySQL admin tools has been designed to support setting of MySQL, and as well as to prepare data as cold backup. This can be done without command lines.


  • Ability to set MySQL version 5.5 into Linux CentOS and as well as automatically adjust work for suitability of server memory.
  • Ability to back up data as cold backup through XtraBackup program without interrupting work in the database server. (Need to have an empty space in server machine that is more than space requirement for data).
  • Ability to show back up data without restoring through Embedded MySQL Server. Ability to query on back up data and as well as restore part of the back up data. (through recording system and append data as cds)
  • Ability to restore the backup data into MySQL server.
  • Ability to set HOSxP database to be ready to use in the first time. (Might need to upgrade the structure through HOSxP newest version)
  • Ability to sample up a group of data for testing HOSxP program.
  • Ability to transfer data from master to slave, in order to prepare native MySQL replication system.
  • Ability to transfer used data to the reserved database.

Support Platform

  • CentOS 6.x 32/64 bit (Suggesting to use with 64 bit)

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