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PACs system is a system that uses to manage and store information that are in pictures. It also acts as medium between Hospital Information System (HIS) and machine that record picture scanning like X-Ray machine, MRI machine, Scan machine and CT Scan machine. By replacing PACs with the original film, it definitely reduces working times, which allows our client to be able to provide services faster.  

  • 1. Registration

-  User use registration in the radiology section within HOSxP program.

-  Registered data from HOSxP program will be sent to BMS-HOSxP PACS Web Service Gateway system.

  • 2. Report

-  Radiologist can write reports on results in HOSxP system.

-  Ability to recall and review data through Web Service in HOSxP. Data in the reports in HOSxP system will be sent to Web Service under BMS-HOSxP PACS Web Services Gateway system.

  • 3. Easily preview pictures from screen in HOSxP program.

With the PACS button, it connects to URL Link by referring to patient’s name and details on radiology examination in a specific time frame in the HOSxP program. 

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