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In a HOSxP program, the system connects to LIS for data sending and receiving, as XML files. BMS HOSxP LIS XML Gateway contains following attributes:

  1. When the staffs confirm a receiving of lab request, HOSxP system will run LIS Export script in order to store information of that particular lab order into HOSxP database.
  2. HOSxP Gateway always checks for new lab order in the database.
  3. When the system figures out that there is new lab order, it will use this new information to create XML file and store them in Export Directory in the HOSxP Gateway. This is a way that we make data ready to be use in LIS.
  4. Once LIS finish filling results to the lab request, LIS will send it back to Import Directory of HOSxP Gateway. A LAB file will be stored as XML file, which will be ready for further use in HOSxP Gateway.
  5. If HOSxP system recognizes that there is a new LAB result in the Import Directory, the system will bring the result and update them into the database.  Once the result in the database is updated, the XML file in the Import Directory will be deleted.


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