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BMS Inventory


          BMS-INVENTORY SYSTEM is a stock managing program which is support to any storages in healthcare service center. Especially this latest version, it provides more capacities and reports to facilitate the users in inventory section.



         1. System of budget planning for purchasing

         2. System of calculation for purchasing planning classified by inventory and actual use

         3. System of purchase requisition releasing (PR)

         4. System of purchase order releasing (PO)

         5. System of in-inventory control and barcode printing

         6. System of out-inventory control and approval

         7. System of merchandise distribution to withdrawal unit (Minor inventory)

         8. System of real time and manual stock updating

         9. System of merchandise returning to inventory from withdrawal unit

       10. System of merchandise borrowing-returning from company

       11. System of hospital merchandise lending-returning from

       12. System of expiring verification

       13. System of counter

       14. System of amount updating

       15. System of merchandise receiving (Special case)

       16. System of merchandise receiving/transferring to minor inventory (Special case)

       17. System of in-house merchandise verification

       18. System of withdrawal unit merchandise verification

       19. System of stock card in major inventory

       20. System of stock card in minor inventory

       21. System of rights assigning classified by inventory

       22. System of data back-up

       23. System of automatic report

       24. System of other custom reports

       25. System of barcode

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