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BMS Referral online center

BMS Referral online center


          The new innovation for real – time electronic data transfer between health service centers in order to increase the efficiency of patient referred management. This new system put emphasis on the necessary of immediate and right action which benefits the destination hospital to plan and get ready for upcoming patients.



Benefits of BMS Referral Center :

          To enable real-time electronic patients’ data transferred.

          To reduce data saving work loads of service agents.

          To help medical agents easily obtain all patients’ data from the original hospital.

          To help case the medical appointment process at the referred clinic.

          To manage, supervise, and control referred system of the provincial department.

          To help relief the patient congestion in general hospital.



Procedures of BMS Referral Center : consists of 3 systems.

  1. Emergency refer
  2. Consulted and advanced booking refer : divided into 2 types
    1. Non-emergency refer (Consult)
    2. Specific investigation refer (Investigate)
    3. Home Health Care (HHC) : refer back to the original hospital


Development of Referral Online Center

  1. Newly developed in term of ‘Windows Application’ system
  2. Develope existing referral system in HOSxP/ HOSxP PCU

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